Sunday, December 9, 2007

Xenia Taler

I wish I had known about Xenia Taler's designer tiles when we remodeled our kitchen last year. When it came time for the tile selection I was not happy with what I had to choose from. Hummm.... I think it's time to remodel our bathroom:)

Xenia Taler is a Toronto based designer that is creating a big splash in the world of tiles. Her nature inspired tiles can be viewed here. The business is a husband and wife team. Xenia's husband, Steven Koblinsky prepares the clay slabs by either feeding the clay through an extruder or manually pressing clay into molds. After air drying to give them a rustic look Steven fires them and applies multiple layers of glaze before handing them over to Xenia for her design touches.

They produce two kinds of tiles. One is a wall hanging tile that comes with a groove in the back for hanging purposes as well as cork on the corners for using as coasters and trivets.

The installation tiles are thinner and have unglazed sides for grouting, making them perfect for kitchens, fire places, bathrooms and table tops.

I have added patterns and color palettes using colors from her tile designs.