Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kato Clay

Primary colors
Secondary colors
tertiary five
From Blue to yellow

Most polymer clay artists know who Donna Kato is. For anyone that has not heard her name before, she is the woman behind Kato PolyClay, written many polymer clay books and a great artist. I love Kato Clay. I use only Kato PolyClay when I work with polymer clay. Recently she has introduced a new product called Kato PolyClay Color Concentrates. This is exciting news for anyone that loves to mix colors. This product comes in three concentrated colors, red, blue and yellow. Just a slice worked into your regular PolyClay will produce wonderful jewel tones. Try mixing these colors with translucent Kato PolyClay to see the wonderful results. I am very excited about this new product. I have made some color palettes using only the three primary colors. All colors are made from the primary colors.